We Build 21st Century Financial Spaces.

We assist in building mold-breaking financial institutions. We build product-moving retail programs, employee-friendly operations spaces, and consumer-connecting technology channels. We merge it all into ultra-engaging and rewarding banking experiences inside the facility and beyond. Click here to see our portfolio.

We Are Full-Service Financial Brand Builders.

From the brand, to the building, to the digital kiosk, to the website, to the mobile app, Structure First goes beyond the brick-and-mortar to structure fully integrated banking experiences. For banks and credit unions of every shape and size, from coast to coast.

New Structure

Carefully architected strategy. Daring design innovation. Phenomenal functionality and efficiency. These are the building blocks of every Structure First new-build. Whether it’s a new branch, operations center, or headquarters, our signature structures are not only marvels of cutting-edge design—they’re monuments of optimal performance and customer satisfaction.


A new building isn’t always the right solution for right now. When it’s not, a facility remodel can work wonders for a fraction of the cost. Light construction upgrades, interior design makeovers, and visual rebranding can vastly improve an existing structure’s performance, consumer appeal and brand perception. Giving you a likenew space with plenty of leftover working capital and cash flow.

Structure Strategy

Knowing exactly when, where, and how to build your financial network can seem like a shot in the dark. But it doesn’t have to be. Through illuminating market and competitive research, Structure First provides data-based, risk-mitigating strategies to plot your future expansion—taking the high-stakes guesswork out of the growth equation.

Would you like to bring in an employee with certain talents and traits to continue your growth? Structure First provides professional recruiting services. We can assist in every department, at every level.

Structure Brand & Retail

It’s true what they say: Perception is reality. So it’s true what we say: the Brand and Retail experience inside the branch is as important as the architecture outside. Our creative agency partners have developed in-store retail and brand design for some of the biggest players on the financial services scene. We can put the same design genius to work for you to create a retail platform that’s as visually stunning as your ROI.

Expertise from Both Sides of the Banking Coin.

We’re not just design/build professionals. We’re not just banking professionals. We’re an elite team combining the best of both.

Structure First’s leadership stars former commercial banking and design/build executives with the shared belief that there had to be a better way to build better banking structures. This dual-industry experience means we not only understand the banking world inside and out, we know firsthand how a financial space needs to look, feel and function to meet operational needs and exceed customer expectations.

Take a moment to meet the Structure First principals who make it happen.

Ned Compton

Neil Kool

Eric Corti

Brit Boatright

Ned Compton

Ned Compton has over 29 years of experience serving the financial industry and has guided hundreds of financial institutions to market success. Prior to founding Structure First, Ned was a Senior Manager for firms focusing on Design/Build, Consulting, Branding, and Retail. Ned served as President of DEI Incorporated in which he managed and directed overall operations. Ned played an integral role in business development for DEI, where he led project valuation, negotiations and regional sales performance, and more than doubled sales volume from 2003 to 2006.

Ned also has first-hand experience in running a financial institution. From 1989 to 1997, he served as President and CEO of Van Wert National Bank, a $130 million commercial bank in Van Wert, OH. When the bank merged in 1997 to become the $780 million Community First Bank & Trust, Ned continued to lead the organization as President and CEO until 2002. Ned’s strong background has given him valuable insight into the complete process for running a successful financial institution, and has allowed him to lead teams to create highly efficient and profitable growth solutions for clients.

Neil Kool

Neil has a long history of providing clients with results-oriented strategies. Prior to becoming a Principal of Structure First, Neil spent five years as a senior manager in the design/build and retail industry for financial institutions. Neil has collaborated with a wide range of financial institutions on a variety of business challenges. His first-hand knowledge of the financial industry was gained by working as an executive level commercial banker. Neil has fourteen years of experience at financial institutions ranging in assets of $400 million to $100 Billion, so he recognizes the necessity for Banks and Credit Unions to differentiate themselves in a very competitive marketplace. His wealth of experience provides his clients with unique and valuable insight on developing the right solutions to increase market share and improve efficiencies. Neil is a graduate of Kalamazoo College and earned his MBA from Wright State University.

Eric Corti

Eric brings 28 years of construction program and project leadership to our cliients. Prior to becoming a principal at Structure First, Eric spent six years as a construction executive providing over-sight and execution of financial institution projects throughout the U.S. His construction experience is broad and varied. Eric brings a level-headed approach to the design and construction process, providing our clients with the perfect balance of time and value. Eric holds a degree in Building Construction Management from Purdue University.

Brit Boatright

Brit is a seasoned 26-year bank veteran as well as an experienced real estate professional holding the distinguished CCIM Designation since 1999.  The personal highlight of his extensive banking career was the development and execution of a highly successful strategic development plan for a new eight-branch network in the Nashville Marketplace while serving as the as the Nashville Area President for FirstBank.  This exciting endeavor allowed him the unique opportunity to combine his passion for building highly successful banking teams with real estate development, which is what ultimately led him to StructureFirst.  Brit is actually a former client of the founders of StructureFirst and saw first hand the benefits of working with this team.
He is a strategic thinker with the ability to get deep into the details while keeping an eye on the ultimate goal for the project and your overall vision for the company.  The financial services industry is ever changing and requires a well thought out strategic plan that is adaptive to these changes, but allows the institution to remain true to it’s special "Brand".

Let's Get to Work Building Your Success Story

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